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New England Rail Service, Inc.
Pullman Parts & Conversion Kits

Specifically designed to enable modelers to convert the
Rivarossi/AHM 12-1 Pullman sleeper into other Pullman car types.

New Newsletter posted - November 2015

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The window items in our Pullman Parts line have been specifically designed to enable modelers to convert the Rivarossi/AHM 12-1 Pullman sleeper into other Pullman car types. These range from other Pullman sleeper types to parlors, lounges, diners, and even Pullman constructed coaches. They are also being used successfully with cars produced by Branchline (now Atlas), Walthers and even Athearn, as many modelers can attest. Click here to see a modified Pullman car. Our underbody detail parts are useable on almost any type of Pullman constructed heavyweight passenger equipment. We offer the correct Pullman 145 gal. pressurized water tank and the 8 cell battery box found on most Pullman heavyweight cars. In addition we offer a universal air conditioning duct kit and the underbody parts to equip your HO scale Pullman heavyweight with an ice activated, mechanical or electro-mechanical air conditioning system.
Please see some of our products below, or go to our “Products” page to view them all:

Kit #201
Kit #201:
Pullman Single
24 in. Narrow Windows
Kit #211
Kit #211:
Pullman Baggage Door
Kit #212
Kit #212:
Diner Kitchen Windows and
Food Service Doors
Kit #230
Kit #230:
Pullman Pressurized
Water Tanks
Kit #231
Kit #231:
Pullman 8 Cell
Battery Box
Kit #252
Kit #252:
Pullman Double
Ice Bunker

All items in our Pullman Parts line are manufactured to the highest standards working, in most cases, from original blueprints backed up with confirming measurements and photographs of the various prototypes to maintain our reputation for accuracy and quality. Most are injection molded from high quality styrene in regular injection molding tooling to ensure their continued availability and maintain all dimensions accurately. We also offer full conversion kit packages, complete with instructions and plans, to convert the Rivarossi 12-1 into many other heavyweight car types. A sample of our plans can be found in the "Help" section.

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